How Local Movers Will Help You Move Fragile Items Safely


One of the most delicate parts of the moving process is packing fragile items. Your home will have a wide array of fragile things, from delicate china to glass wall hangings, paintings, and decorative items. Delicate items call for extra attention as they are most likely to get damaged during the move. Here are ways in which local movers can help you move such items safely. 

Use of Smaller Boxes

The quality and size of the box you use for your fragile items determines the state in which the items will reach their destination. A large box might seem like a viable option since it can accommodate more items. However, it leaves room for objects to move around, which often leads to breakages. Also, consider the strength of the boxes that you use for your move. It makes more sense to invest in firm and sturdy boxes as they will guarantee that your fragile items reach their destination in one piece. 

 Securing the Bottom of the Box

 A weak bottom will fall apart when packaging heavy materials. A box that cannot hold the weight of your fragile and prized possessions will lead to breakages, loss of items, and other damages as you transfer them from one house to the other. Professional movers understand this risk and will secure the bottom of your box by reinforcing it with tape, especially along the seams. They also layer the inside of the box with soft padding material to ensure items are protected, especially during a bumpy ride. 

Wrapping Every Piece Separately 

Another hack that you will find very useful is wrapping every fragile piece separately. For example, if you stack your plates and wrap them together without wrapping each plate separately, you will be exposing them to friction. The friction added to the weight of stacked dishes often leads to chips, cracks, or shatters. When you use padding or bubble wrap around each plate, you minimize the possibility of damage. 

Labeling the Boxes

You are likely to handle something with care when a label indicates whether the box contains fragile material.  Labeling your boxes using a maker and visible writing will help everyone carefully lift and place down everything to avoid damage. 

Preparation, packaging materials, and proper handling determine whether your fragile items get to their destination in perfect condition. You should hire a competent local moving company to make these arrangements and get your valuables to their destination in one piece. 


28 September 2021

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