3 Risks You Take When Moving Your Piano Yourself


Are you moving in a few months and uncertain about how to go about moving your piano? Perhaps you have even considered moving it yourself. If you are thinking about moving it yourself, when is the last time you tried to pick it up? If it has been a while or if you have never tried to lift it, go ahead and give it a try. You will probably be surprised to find out how much it weighs. Pianos are horribly heavy, and this is one of several good reasons to hire a company to move your piano instead of moving it yourself. Here are some of the other reasons.

You could hurt yourself

The weight of a piano, even if it is distributed between several strong people, is very heavy. Not to mention, pianos are bulky and oddly shaped at times. If you attempt to lift your piano, even with the help of others, you risk hurting yourself. Your back is probably the most likely body part you will injure, but you could hurt other body parts too. If you are moving and end up hurt, it could devastate your entire move. You could end up unable to help with moving other things or unpacking, and this could put a big wrench in the move.

You could hurt the piano

The second risk you take with doing this yourself is the potential to hurt the piano. If you move it the wrong way, hit it on something, or drop it, you could end up with a damaged piano. The costs to fix the problems might be very expensive, depending on the problem.

You could hurt your old home or your new home

The other problem you could experience is damage to your current home or new home. If you do not wrap the piano correctly and sufficiently and end up hitting a wall or a door, you could end up with a huge ding or dent in the spot you hit in either home.

Are you willing to take these risks? If so, you could gather up some strong people and attempt to make the move. Keep in mind, you will need a large vehicle to use also to hold the piano, so this may involve renting a truck. If you would rather not have to deal with these risks and have an easy option for moving your piano, contact a company like Affordable Piano Movers & Storage that offers piano moving services. They will move your piano for you and will take on the risks themselves in exchange for the fee you pay them for the job.


16 January 2020

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