Tips For Moving Vintage Toy Collections


When the time comes to move your vintage toy collection to a new home, there's quite a bit of planning and work to do. If you fail to prepare and pack the collection properly, you risk damage to the things that you've worked so hard to collect. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you get your collection from point A to point B safely.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

All of the different types of vehicles that you have in your collection may seem to be able to withstand some abuse, but the truth is, they are delicate and need special attention as they're being packed up. Failure to do so will result in bent axles, broken windshields and busted wings.

Plastic vehicles just need a bit of tissue or packing paper wrapped around them somewhat tightly. Tape the paper in place so that if anything does happen to fall off during transit, the parts will stay in the packet and will not get lost.

Metal vehicles should be wrapped with a sheet of bubble wrap to provide a little extra protection. This will protect the paint and bodies from damage.

After you've wrapped each vehicle, place a layer of them in the bottom of a box. Cover that layer with a sheet of cardboard and then add another layer of wrapped vehicles. Continue until the box is full, but remember not to pack too much weight into one box. Doing so could result in damage to the vehicles in the bottom or a box too heavy to carry.

Dolls and Action Figures

Loose dolls and action figures need a bit of prep-work. If the dolls have hair, you should slide it head-first into a nylon stocking. This will keep the hair in place.

Wrap each doll or figure in a sheet of packing paper or tissue paper. Get some bottle beer boxes and slide a doll or two in each slot where the bottles went. This will keep the figures in position as they are moved around.

If the action figures are carded (still in their original packaging), pack them standing upright instead of laying them down and layering them on top of each other. You want to preserve the condition of the packaging. Stacking them will cause the ones on the bottom to get smashed.

Work with a moving service that has great reviews for service. Knowing that the moving team that is assisting you with transporting your goods will help alleviate some of the stress associated with moving a collection of any value. Use these tips and your collection will be just fine.


13 March 2018

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