Dangers Of Using A Moving Broker Instead Of A Moving Company


When moving your household items from one house to another, you have the option of using a moving broker or dealing with a moving company directly. Just like brokers in other industries, a moving broker will go to great lengths to convince you to use their business, but you shouldn't forget these four potential complications of using their services:

You Don't Know the Integrity of the Moving Company to Handle Your Goods

Moving companies aren't created the same; some have more integrity and are more reliable than others. When you are dealing with moving companies directly, you have the choice to make comparisons and opt for the best moving company in your location. You won't have this luxury while dealing with a broker; brokers deal with different moving companies and not just one. This means you won't know, at least not early enough, which moving company will be handling your items.

You May End Up Paying a Different Fee from the Quote You Received

This second problem is there because moving brokers aren't moving professionals. Many of them lack the expertise needed to estimate the resources needed for a move, which means they may not give you an accurate quote. Another reason brokers may not give you an accurate quote is that they may not know which company they will be dealing with when issuing the quote. This means you may even end up paying a higher price than the original quote.

Holding the Movers Liable For Losses May Be Difficult

A premier advantage of dealing directly with a moving company is that you know whom to blame if something goes wrong with the move or if your goods are damaged in transit. This means you can solve such issues fast and easily. The situation changes when you are dealing with a broker because the broker you may not know whether to blame the broker or the moving company for your losses. The two companies may even start blaming each other when an issue arises, further drawing out the resolution timeline.

Your Price Is Likely To Be High

You should also expect to pay a higher price when using a broker than you would when dealing directly with a moving company. This is understandable given that the broker is also doing business; they have to take care of their expenses and remain with some profit. This means they have to include their cut in the quote or price you will eventually pay.

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10 October 2017

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