Thoughtful Things To Leave Behind During A Residential Move


When you're packing up to move out of your home, the general school of thought is that you shouldn't leave anything behind. And, while it's certainly important to make sure that all your family's possessions are gone and the house has been thoroughly cleaned by the time the new owners are ready to move in, there are some things that you might wish to leave behind. Doing so can extend a warm welcome to the new owners of your house as well as make their life a little easier on moving day. Here are some thoughtful things to leave behind when you leave your house for the last time.

Drinks In The Fridge

If your refrigerator stays in the home as part of the sale, it's nice to stock it with some beverages before you leave. There's no reason to unplug the fridge before you move out, which means that it should be running to keep the drinks chilled. A selection of bottles of water, juice, and beer can be a nice surprise for the family moving in. You don't necessarily have to go out to buy these items — if you already have a selection of drinks, leaving them behind is doubly advantageous because it saves you the effort of moving them.

Garbage Bags

When you go to pack up your box of garbage bags, give the idea a second thought. Instead, think about leaving them behind to help the new owners of the house. Moving day generates a considerable amount of waste, and while the people moving into the house may have packed some garbage bags, they might not be easily accessible. When you leave some garbage bags behind, the people moving in will be able to use them to collect waste and keep the house tidy from the start.

Local Information

If you're moving out of the area, there's no point in taking a variety of documents related to the local area with you. Instead, leaving them behind can be a kind and helpful gesture for the new owners of the house. For example, it's ideal to leave your local phone book behind. A recreational directory for the town you live in is also helpful to leave, as is a business directory if you have it. If you've collected an assortment of take-out menus, you might also wish to leave them behind — they can be handy on moving day when many people order food.

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9 March 2017

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