Tips For A Rainy Day Move


Unfortunately you can't usually choose the weather when it comes to your moving day, so you may end up stuck with rain. While most of your items will be safely tucked in boxes and therefore kept dry during the move, upholstered furniture can pose a challenge. Even a small amount of moisture soaking into a sofa or mattress can lead to stains or mildewing. The following tips can help you avoid this so your move goes smoothly.

Tip #1: Wrap what you can

Plastic mattress bags can provide a lot of protection from not just moisture, but from any dirt or dust that is encountered during the course of the move. Simply slide a bag over each mattress and box spring, then tape the open end closed so no moisture can get in. You may even be able to find bags sized appropriately for covering smaller pieces of upholstered furniture, such as chairs or ottomans.

Tip #2: Use drop cloths

Plastic painter's drop cloths are inexpensive but they can protect from a lot of moisture. Cover sofas and other large upholstered pieces with a drop cloth. You can even tape several together to create good coverage. Once the upholstery is covered, wrap rope around the piece to secure the drop cloths in place so moisture won't get to the upholstery.

Tip #3: Create a landing area

Tarps will be your best friend during the move. Use tarps to create a dry landing area beneath the patio, in the attached garage, or just inside the door. Everything should stop here on the way into the house to be dried off. This is also the place to remove the wet bags and drop cloths that are protecting your furnishings during transport, since you don't want to track the water further into the home.

Tip #4: Rent a canopy

If you are especially worried about the rain, consider purchasing or renting a pop-up canopy. This can be used to cover the walkway between your moving truck and the entry to the home so that nothing needs to be carried through the rain. If the distance is relatively short, you may be able to forgo the canopy and simply string up a tarp from the back of the truck to the roof above the home's door.

Professional movers will have even more tactics to help combat the messiness of a rainy day move. Contact a local moving company for more help or visit a website like


8 March 2017

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