What You Need To Evict Someone From Your Rental Property


If you have a tenant that is habitually late with paying rent, then you can evict the person from your property. You must legally terminate tenancy before starting the eviction process. This means sending your tenant a written notice. You have to follow a series of steps before evicting a tenant. Read on to find out what you need to remove someone from your property.

Give Formal Notice Of Eviction

If your tenant is being uncooperative and refusing to move, then you should send a formal notice of eviction. This document gives an ultimatum. It states why the tenant is being evicted and tells him or her what date to vacate the property.

Contact Your Local Marshal Office

Your local marshal's office will serve the eviction notice. It is usually done in public. If your tenant is not at home, then the notice can be taped to the door or sent by certified mail. An officer from the marshal office can also be there for the eviction. However, it could delay your eviction.

You must wait until an officer is available because they do several evictions throughout the month. The marshal office can tell you the date an officer is available, and you would have to change your eviction to that day.

Hire Movers

If your tenant does not respond to the notice and has not started moving, then he or she will probably be there the day of the eviction. You must move out the contents of your rental property. The marshal officer is only going to be there for a short time. If you think the scene will be volatile, then you need to work fast. For these reasons, you will benefit from hiring movers.

Movers work by the hour and on a schedule. They know how to work quickly and efficiently. You want to remove your tenant's property without damaging it on purpose. The fee for the moving company is an expense that you can put in your lawsuit. If you need movers, then you can contact companies like Roger's Moving Service for a quote to help with your eviction.

After you move out your tenant's belongings, you can assess the property. You need to see what damages were caused by your tenants and make a list of repairs. The cost to make repairs is something else that you can put in your eviction lawsuit.

Most landlords feel relief after regaining control of their rental property. You can start making repairs and getting your property fixed up for the next tenant. It is important to do a thorough screening to weed out problem tenants. However, you must go to court to sue your tenant for back rent and property damages.


7 March 2017

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