Four Ways to Protect Valuable Housewares and Personal Items While Moving


If you are planning a move, getting everything ready for movers should involve some careful thought when it comes to valuables. Professional movers will be able to handle most requests and transport items safely and securely, but there are a few things that you can do to help facilitate this process. Here are four ways that you can protect valuable housewares and items during a move.

1. Pack Your Boxes Smartly

You can't really blame movers for broken dishes if you haphazardly threw them in a box and taped it up. Take the time to be mindful and use correct packing materials, such as butcher paper and bubble wrap, to insulate breakables and important items. Things will shift in moving trucks, so try to make sure that boxes are sturdy and well packaged in order to keep smaller breakables in one piece during the move.

2. Don't Leave Items of Value Out in Plain Sight

There can be a lot of confusion and back and forth during the actual move process. There might be thieves looking for opportunities in your neighborhood, and they might take advantage of the chaos of your move day. If you leave out your purse, smaller electronics, or anything else of value that can be picked up and stolen quickly, you might set yourself up for theft. Lock up important things in your car, keep them at the back of your home, or have these hidden from view in boxes or bags.

3. Let Movers Know What's Valuable

While moving services will try their best to ensure all of your items arrive safely, they might not know the difference between a cheaper ottoman and a loveseat that you consider an antique. If there are larger items or furnishings that are really important to you, tell your movers. They can be sure to wrap these up with plastic or blankets and take a little extra care when moving these specific pieces.

4. Bring Small Important Items with You

It is a great idea to have professional moving services do most of the heavy lifting and transport the bulk of your items in their truck. On the other hand, don't shoot yourself in the foot by having movers take smaller items you would be distraught about if they were misplaced or disappeared. Items such as family mementos, jewelry, and important pieces of art should come along with you during the move (and some moving companies won't take them, anyway).

While moving can be a confusing process, it is important that you keep track of valuable and important items. Chances are most things will arrive intact, and there is always insurance if things get lost, but it is best if you can put some safeguards in place to avoid the need to utilize your policy. Keep these tips in mind when you look for moving services in your area.


14 April 2016

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